Components Needed to Create Wealth Through Real Estate Investments


It is probably pretty safe to say that everyone is looking to create wealth. Real estate investing is an excellent venue through which you can create massive wealth. There are four components in real estate investing that you need to accomplish this goal. These components are specialized knowledge, marketing, systems and mindset.


Specialized knowledge encompasses all of the techniques needed to acquire multifamily properties. In addition, it is also the knowledge that you need to operate multifamily properties, analyze multifamily properties and most importantly, how to find multifamily properties.


Marketing in real estate involves three different areas that you need to be aware of. Marketing means marketing to find deals, marketing to find private money and marketing to find tenants for your property. Of course, you can use a property manager to find tenants for your property, but you still need to be cognizant of the fact that this is an area that requires marketing.


Marketing is extremely important in real estate. If you are not attending to your marketing, then you do not have a business. If your phone is not ringing, then all you have is a hobby and not a business.


Systems are what you will put in place so that you will ultimately have other people working at your business for you. You want to have systems in place where others are doing your marketing, property management and bookkeeping. You do not truly have a business unless there are documented systems.


Your definitive goal is have your business serve you. A business is an asset that throws off income forever without you and your direct involvement.


Mindset is the fourth and probably the most critical component of real estate investing. None of the items above can happen unless you take action. Taking action comes down to having the right mindset, and overcoming the limiting beliefs that your subconscious places upon you.


You cannot separate mindset from your real estate investing because you ARE the business and your mindset will determine the direction your business takes.   The strength of your business is a function of the strength of your mindset.


Creating wealth through real estate investments is very real and it is up to you to take the initiative and take the necessary steps. You can use parts of these four components, or you can use individual components and make money, even good money, but if you want to have wealth, you will need to have all four components in place.