The Book

How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments

Becoming financially independent through real estate investing isn’t an elite act. Anyone of us can do it, at any time – and more of us could be doing it than are.

Lance’s book, How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments, couldn’t have come at a more opportunistic time than the current economic conditions.  With hedge funds buying up large, full apartment complexes because they must move huge chunks of money—anywhere from $3 million to those costing hundreds of millions— small and mid-sized apartments are gold mines gone untouched by the hedge funds.  In between those million dollar deals and large apartment complexes, there is a revolving door of small and mid-size apartments available for investors.

If you’re thinking about investing in real estate, this book is for you. It takes the complex subject of apartment investing and puts into clear, concise terms that everyone will find readable, understandable, and easy to follow.

Lance, a highly successful investor himself in small apartments and multifamily properties across the US, shares all that he knows about investing in apartments so that readers like his consulting clients, seasoned, successful investors, and beginners alike, can become even more successful and reach their dreams and goals of becoming financially independent.

The book provides a modern day, step-by-step systematic approach through hands-on experience and sound principals for investing in apartment buildings.  It takes the complicated world of real estate investing and puts it into terminology that the average person is able to understand.

How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments provides step by step advice that gives newcomers to real estate investment the practical advice they need to learn the business from the ground up. The Chapter Summaries provide an excellent tool to focus the reader and the real life “Case Studies” provide great context for each lesson. If you want to get started in developing an independent income stream, How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments should be your first investment.